Workplace mentoring

Accessing workplace mentoring support

We have trained a group of regional workplace peer mentors (NHS staff who stammer) who are available to provide confidential support and practical advice to NHS staff who are experiencing workplace issues due to their stammer, including supporting you with your career development. Our peer mentors understand the NHS work environment, understand some of the real-life challenges or obstacles staff who stammer may experience in the workplace and they represent different professional backgrounds (medical/dental, nursing, allied health and administration).


With your consent they can also provide information and support to your manager if you think this would be helpful and they can provide you with access to helpful resources and support. Through our mentoring scheme our peer mentors are able to provide time-limited support and advice via telephone, in-person or virtually via Skype or Teams.

Support scheme

If you would like to enquire about accessing our confidential peer mentoring support scheme then please contact us by email.


Please note that all of our mentors offer this support in addition to their other NHS roles and so it may take a little time for you to hear back from us.

The Network expresses its thanks and appreciation to NHS England & NHS Improvement (The Workforce Disability Equality Standard- WDAS) and the Dominic Barker Trust (stammering research charity) for providing funding to set up the network.

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