NHS Stammering Network

The NHS Stammering Network has been created by NHS staff who have lived experience of stammering. We provide NHS staff with support and information on stammering, including easy access to useful resources and we offer recommendations on how to support staff who stammer in the workplace.

Our vision

  • To build a supportive and inclusive workplace environment for all NHS staff, patients and the public that respects all communication differences
  • To advocate for a greater recognition of the diversity of communication and ways of speaking across the NHS workforce and wider society
  • To challenge prevailing and unhelpful perceptions of what it means to be an ‘effective’ communicator

Our Mission

  • To showcase and celebrate diverse ways of speaking and recognise the strengths and experience that stammering can bring to the organisation through positive role models of NHS staff who stammer
  • To provide NHS staff with access to information, practical advice and helpful resources and support
  • To provide access to workplace peer mentoring support for NHS staff who stammer. Our specially trained mentors are fellow NHS colleagues who stammer, who understand the NHS work environment and represent different professional backgrounds (medical, nursing, allied health, administration and corporate services)
  • To raise awareness of stammering at a local (Trust-wide or Directorate) level
  • To challenge stereotypical and unhelpful ideas around what are acceptable and effective ways of speaking/communicating
  • To link up NHS staff with experience of a broad range of communication differences (such as aphasia, dysarthria, selective mutism, cluttering etc) should they wish to access peer support, and assist them in setting up their own networks if desired


If you would like to join the network, to access support from one of our peer mentors or would like to become a trained mentor then please do get in touch.


In recognition: The Network recognises and honours the life of Aneurin (Nye) Bevan who established the National Health Service (NHS) (and who lived with a stammer all his life).


The NHS Stammering Network is in support of the many stammering services operating in the public, private, education and voluntary sectors in the UK.