Great story from one of our own

Ian Medlicott, NHS nursing team leader Shares his own experience of living with and managing a stammer in the workplace.   More details can be found here.   Back to Resources

Job-based oral exam guide for people who stammer

Shot of a team of doctors having a meeting

STAMMA and the NHS Employee Stammering Network Have co-developed practical guidance for people who stammer to request changes (‘reasonable adjustments’) to how exams are structured and marked. More details can be found here. Back to Resources

We stutter at work

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower It’s estimated that around 1% of the world’s population stutters. That’s over 70 million people. Click here to read more. Back to Resources

The British Journal of General Practice

BJGP, Life Has published an article produced by the NHS Stammering Network. Click here to read. Back to Resources

Self disclosure and stammering

Lorraine Maher-Edwards Online talk given by Dr Lorraine Maher-Edwards on behalf on the NHS Stammering Network Click here to watch her video. Back to Resources

Adaptations for medical exams

The British Stammering Association (STAMMA) Want to hear from medical professionals who stammer, and have accessed reasonable adjustments in the CASC, OSCE or PACES exams. Click here for more information. Back to Resources

The Way We Talk

Discussion paper This discussion paper by the British Stammering Association (BSA) explores the use of language around stammering and affirms positive changes in language to reduce stigma in society against stammering.   Download here.   Back to Resources

NHS Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Medical Staff Seated In Circle At Case Meeting

Adult Stammering Therapy via Telemedicine Delivered by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists to clients anywhere in the UK who have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer with webcam and internet access.   Click here to download a PDF and to find out more.    Back to Resources

BBC news storey

She couldn’t say her own name: Stammering in the Spotlight Felicity Baker (BBC producer) shares her own experience of stammering in this BBC production.   Watch now on BBC iPlayer   Back to Resources